Military Couples, Families & Individuals

As a member of a military family, I am committed to providing affordable and effective counseling services to those who serve and protect our country and their families.

Active duty service members and family or loved ones of those who serve are offered a discounted rate.  I also accept TRICARE East (Humana Military) insurance as well as provide services through Military One Source.

I can help you and your loved ones cope with some of the unique stressors that military families face, including:

Stresses of deployment/separation
Difficulty reintegrating into the family and marriage
Relocation/employment/financial stressors
Helping children adjust to and deal with military life
Trauma and stress from missions/combat
Grief and loss over loved ones and comrades

I provide counseling to military couples, families, and individuals of all ages.   Contact me today for more information or to schedule your first appointment.