I offer couples a safe and non-judgmental environment in which they can discuss difficult and often painful issues. I will help you to navigate the obstacles that romantic relationships often bring and guide you and your partner to new ways of interacting with each other. Whether you are going through difficult struggles in your relationship, or you are just looking to learn new skills to strengthen your marriage, I offer hope that you can achieve the relationship you’ve always wanted.
Some of the concerns that couples may seek therapy for include:

Adjusting to relationship transitions including:
Newly married or moving in together
Remarriage or stepfamily issues
Birth of a child
Experiencing grief and loss
Empty nesters

Healing from past hurts including:
Infidelity and betrayal
Past trauma or abuse
Infertility or the loss of a child
Divorce or separation

Frequent conflict or disagreements over issues such as:
Parenting decisions and methods
Household responsibilities
In-law relationships

Premarital Counseling and Dating relationships:
Stress from wedding planning/preparation for marriage
Negotiation of roles and responsibilities
Frequent conflict/arguments
Communication problems
Trust issues
Dating anxiety and stress

Not sure you if you really need couples counseling? Come in for a check- up!
We will meet just a few times to help you and your partner:
Identify areas of strength and potential growth
Head conflict off before it becomes unmanageable
Increase your communication skills
Enhance your intimacy and connection with your partner
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