As a family counselor in Jacksonville, I specialize in helping those who are facing frequent conflict in their homes or child/adolescent behavioral issues.  I will work with you and your family to achieve the kind of relationships you desire.  It can be difficult watching a child you love struggle and not know what you can do to help.  As a child and family counselor, I will work closely with you as a parent to give your child the best chance for success.  We will work towards restoring family unity and harmony in your home.

Issues we can address in family therapy:
Defiant behavior or parenting struggles
Adoption and attachment difficulties
School behavioral problems/truancy
Frequent arguments/conflict between siblings
Child/Adolescent struggles with anxiety or depression
Death of a family member
Chronic health problems
Divorce/family separation concerns

Contact me today to find out if family therapy could benefit you.

Unlike many counselors who treat children individually, a marriage & family therapist like myself understands that child mental health is best addressed with the family.  I will work with you to create the best environment for your child’s unique struggles and needs.  If you are feeling stuck with how to help your child or have tried to send your child to counselors before and feel like it did not help, schedule an appointment today to see if your child would benefit from this more unique approach.

Jennifer Jones, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Child & Family counselor in Jacksonville, FL
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