Relationship Check-up

We’re often told it’s a good idea to schedule a regular check-up with our doctor to make sure we’re in optimal physical health, but how often do we do the same for our emotional health and relationships? Scheduling a regular time to check-in is especially important in our marriage and dating relationships as it is often too easy to get caught in the whirlwind of life responsibilities and let our relationships take a backseat. Scheduling a check-up for you and your partner can help ensure that your marriage continues on the right track.

Check-ups can be scheduled as a one-time occurrence or on a regular basis – you decide what you need and what works for your marriage!

A check-up can help you to:
Discuss any recent difficult issues or challenges in the relationship
Start the conversation with your partner about the status of your relationship
Get a chance to connect with your partner and make sure you’re on the same page
Add some new skills to your repertoire to increase your communication and intimacy

A check-up is also a great place to start to see if your relationship could benefit from ongoing couples or premarital counseling!