Immunity Part 2

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to write this follow-up post!  The beautiful spring weather has had me wanting to do anything but sit at a computer, I hope you’ve been able to get outside too!

So I promised last time to talk a little bit about how we can strengthen and develop our emotional immunity.  I think in discussing this topic, what we really are talking about is mental and emotional self-care.  If we’re not eating healthy and exercising, we are much more susceptible to physical illnesses.  Our minds work in very similar ways – are we making time for self-reflection?  Positive self-talk?  Forgiveness? Laughter?  If things that build us up and strengthen us are not a regular part of our daily, weekly, or monthly routines then we are in danger of negativity taking over our minds and emotions.

Here are a few ideas of things you can do regularly to build your mental and emotional strength and immunity:

Write/draw in a journal
Read literature for fun or personal growth
Try new things
Spend time doing hobbies
Say “no” to extra responsibilities
Spend time with others who you enjoy
Allow yourself to cry
Talk to and about yourself with kindness

The different parts of ourselves (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relational to name a few) all interact and impact each other, so it is vital to attend to each of those parts on a regular basis to keep ourselves feeling well and protect ourselves from the multiple forms of sicknesses around us.

Not sure how you’re doing? Just like a checkup with a doctor, a checkup with a therapist can help you identify potential areas to work on and feel confident that you can maintain and strengthen your emotional and mental health!