We had a visitor come down with the flu at our house this week and with how bad it has been this year, we are slightly terrified of getting it or infecting others.  We’ve been (albeit a bit jokingly) repeating the mantra off of a yoga video I watched “My immune system works perfectly” to stave off the infectious germs!  The cautious dance around my house I’ve been doing  with Lysol and hand sanitizer in the hopes to stay healthy has me thinking about immunity.

Have you ever started to come down with something and thought, man I really wish I had been taking care of myself better so that I didn’t get sick?  I have.  Problem is, sometimes the point we realize we need to do better is a little too late.  We’re already ill, we already have to suffer through it because immunity isn’t something we can create – it has to be built over time, step by step, strengthened to face obstacles.

In evaluating my own physical immune system and wondering whether or not I would be able to escape becoming another victim of this year’s awful flu, I started to also think about my immunity to other things.  My physical body is not the only thing that faces dangers and needs protection.  Am I immune to criticism? Judgement? Depression? Regret? Self-doubt? Anger? Fear?  What am I doing to build my immunity to those things?  How do I protect myself when they enter my life, my home, my marriage, my relationships, my mind?

Sometimes the only way to build immunity is to go through it.  Sometimes we have to feel the pain to become stronger and come out on the other side.  I think we would all do a little better to strengthen our immunity now rather than waiting til it’s knocking at our doorstep.  Maybe if we took the time NOW, before we feel sick, to do those things that strengthen our immunity, we wouldn’t have to face some awful illnesses.  And if we do, we’ll be better equipped to handle them.

We can’t control the world around us and what we are exposed to or have to go through. Sometimes we can’t even control what enters our own homes and minds. But we can strengthen our immunity. We can build ourselves so that whatever comes our way isn’t so terrifying.

Stay tuned for a post about things to do to strengthen your mental and emotional immunity!